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Top Energy Stocks Which Make You Rich

Four weeks ago, we gave you the first warning when we told you, "Enjoy low oil prices while you can. They aren't going to last very long."

As usual, after a 40% spike in prices since then, the mainstream media finally started catching on...

The Wall Street Journal recently reported, "... oil bulls point to a looming supply crunch that will send prices higher again, maybe as soon as the second half of this year."

MarketWatch headlined, "Oil ends at three-month high above $49 a barrel."

The LA Times alerted readers on St. Patrick's Day, "Cheaper gas can't last, analysts warn."

And during the Associated Press' energy related Q&A session on March 18th, "Q: Were prices at the pump last summer a fluke? A: Actually, most experts say you're in for a nasty surprise if you believe that."

Albeit. They're a few weeks (and some easy gains) late to the party. But they're starting to get it...

Oil's prepped for one serious comeback.

And this rally's just getting started.

In fact, I recently uncovered shocking evidence that virtually guarantees prices will, very shortly, surge back into the $100 plus range.

It's an imminent jump that's sure to catch most Americans off guard - but it could make you 500% richer as it happens.

In the free report below, attached for your convenience, I spill the beans on every last detail... what I found... how it started... and, most importantly, how you can take advantage of it and start collecting massive profits - today.

In a market this gut-wrenching, you can't afford to pass up this virtually-guaranteed money-making opportunity.

It could be the easiest moneymaking opportunity of the year. And we found it burried inside the International Energy Agency's (IEA) World Energy Outlook report...

... The annual, 578-page document blueprints exactly where our future energy sources will come from and when - for leaders and elite investors around the world.

And they read it for good reason...

Since its inception, the findings within the pages have been so accurate that the annual report reigns as "the authority of energy analysis and projections."

In fact, many people today trust their report without question.

I recently finished pouring through my copy.

It was handed to me after a fellow geologist, with first-hand experience in the Canadian oil sands, pointed out a shocking error - one that guarantees an imminent spike in the price of oil.

In short, the report claims that:

"Thanks to ever-dwindling supplies in the Middle East, the world will rely on Canada as the largest oil producing country by 2010."

It's been their same projection since 2006.

But there's just one problem.

The World Energy Outlook forgot the other half of the story...

You see, what this acclaimed report omits are the blatant details surrounding an imminent supply and demand bottleneck - one that's guaranteed to launch the price of oil violently back to the $100 plus range.

And that's a conservative estimate.

The good news is that we also, very recently, uncovered a secret investment - which most Americans know nothing about - that could hand you 500% gains as this spike hits.

And the best part is that it's not related to risky exploration or production companies, either. Instead, it's directly - dollar for dollar - related to the price of oil. Only this gem pays you DOUBLE the gains!

In fact, investors using this blockbuster already pocketed 40% gains - in the last seven days as oil popped 20%!

I've written this letter to give you every last detail on exactly how it works and how it will happen. But time to catch the most profits is rapidly running out. So let me quickly share with you what it's all about.

Cashing In On A Much Needed Break

If you're like most of us, as oil continued to plummet from July's high of $147 down to $33 in December, you were sighing in relief.

After all, just imagine the shape we'd be in if everyone still had to shell out $4+ a gallon at your local Exxon during these times.

The fact is, that massive fallout in prices was just the break we needed.


On the other hand, as oil started becoming "affordable" again - in the $30 range - it triggered an unstoppable chain of events that is guaranteed to drive the price of oil through the ceiling... and make investors like you filthy rich on the way.

You see, thanks to prices becoming too low, many of Canada's oil companies - resources that would supply crucially needed oil for the U.S. and rest of the world in a few months - couldn't stay in business.

And we need that oil, like a junkie needs his fix.

In fact, the U.S. depends on AND imports more oil from Canada than from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, and Iraq - combined.

But one by one, we started finding major oil projects temporarily closing up shop. Drilling and refining stopped. Exploration and testing lost all capital. And their share prices ultimately plummeted.

Just to name a few examples:

StatoilHydro recently yanked the rug from under a $12 billion project in Canada's Peace River.

Both Nexen Inc and Opti Canada Inc were forced to halt advancement on major projects in Alberta.

Suncor, Canada's oldest oil sands operator, was forced to cut its spending by 33%, thanks to lack of profitablility with the current extremely low prices.

Oil giant Dutch Royal Shell's stopped work on several of their Canadian projects until prices regain strength.

The major partners in the proposed $24 billion Fort Hills oil-sands project in northern Alberta - Petro-Canada, Teck Cominco and UTS Energy - announced they may defer a decision to build an upgrading refinery northeast of Edmonton.

The list goes on.

As I mentioned earlier, within months, precious deposits of oil - even locations that were set to come online within weeks - are now months behind.

Some are trading now for a 90% discount.

But ironically, these outfits just created a powerful, self-fulfilling prophecy... an unstoppable bottleneck guaranteed to launch oil prices - very soon - through the roof.

And it's already started.

The Easy Way To Ride One Of The Most Profitable Bull Markets In History

Don't let oil's current low price fool you this time.

Thanks to an already guaranteed shortage -- just around the corner -- these low prices won't be around for long.

Here are just a few more of the critical points from their latest report:

Global oil demand is projected to expand 2.2% a year, on average, reaching 95.8 million barrels a day by 2012, up from 86.13 million barrels a day this year. The forecast is based on global economic growth of about 4.5% annually. Oil demand is expected to increase most rapidly in Asia and the Middle East.

OPEC, which supplies more than 40% of the world's daily oil needs, will have little spare capacity left by 2012.

Increases from non-OPEC oil producers and biofuel producers should start flagging after 2009.

Natural gas markets will also be tight because of inadequate supply increases, limiting the ability of consumers to switch between oil and natural gas.

And that's just the beginning of the coming bottleneck. Here's what CNN recently reported.

And very soon, when word of the shortage hits, the exact same scenario that the hurricanes caused will already have started unfolding... only this time, the gains will hit much, much faster.

The smart money's already placing their bets.

They're already preparing to collect a fortune!

And if you're prepared, as I'll show you, step by step, in just one moment, you'll soon find that many of the very same companies that surged before will rapidly once again start compounding your wealth.

And here's the kicker:

This time, they won't need nearly as much capital to get started! Most of their infrastructure is already ready to go - and they're trading for just pennies on the dollar.

And if you think that's a juicy opportunity, let me show you how you could...

Collect Twice The Gains Of NYMEX Oil Traders... with One Simple, Yet Little-known Play


We know oil prices are about to skyrocket. We know they're just around the corner. And we know that those slick traders playing NYMEX futures - guys who need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started - somehow always come out ahead.

But here's what you might not know...

Very recently, we've uncovered a rare investment that could pay you gains just as astonishing as any jackpot oil resource company out there - but without the risk!

Here's how it works.

You see, this special investment, which most investors know absolutely nothing about, doesn't even follow oil producers or risky exploration companies... it strictly follows the physical oil market.

And get this:

Thanks to the unique nature of this investment, you can actually get paid double the gains that oil makes!

In other words, a 10% gain pays you 20%... 20% gain pays you 40%... 100% rise in oil prices pays you 200%

That means, if oil shoots 50% this year, which is our gross-underestimate, you double your money!

If oil shoots up to the $70 range... every $5,000 invested suddenly turns into a $10,000 payday!

With oil trading in the upper $40-range, this unique opportunity doesn't get any easier.

Just imagine how much money you'll be sitting on when oil prices plow through the $100 a barrel mark!

I'm not talking about several years down the line either. We could realistically find ourselves staring right down the throat of $100 before January... $140 by next April... even $200 a barrel by the end of 2010!

Every last detail is spelled out for you in our latest report. It's called, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make. And I want you to have it for FREE.

All you have to do is test out our top-performing trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader.

But before I divulge all the details about how to get started collecting a fortune in this Bottleneck Bull-Market, let me introduce myself and my team...

Introducing... The Pure Energy Trader

My name is Brian Hicks.

I'm the president of the investment research company Angel Publishing Investment Research. I've spent my entire investment career, going on two decades now, uncovering the market's best moneymaking trends and showing investors like you how to profit from the most undervalued opportunities in the world.

I've taken investment junkets all over the world... to historic oil boomtowns like Desdemona, Texas, to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to Kiev, Ukraine. We've been to the heart of the oil sands industry, Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. I've been blown away by a wind park in Palm Springs, California. And I've seen first-hand the natural gas boom in the Barnett Shale.

My investment insights and ideas have landed me frequent spots on financial shows like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, CNN, Fox Business, and, most recently, C-SPAN... where I spoke on the energy markets and the U.S. dollar.

I'm not telling you this to be a showboat. But I want you to understand that it's this dedication and never-ending persistence that has allowed me to develop friendships and contacts with some of the best financial minds and industry insiders around the world.

And recently, it's allowed me to acquire a man who could easily be considered, with well over 1,153 successful trades under his belt, one of the best traders on the planet today.

His name is Ian Cooper.

And to get a better handle on why I cherry-picked Ian over any other research analyst out there, look no further than his track record...

120% on Royal Caribbean

194.12% on QQQ

269.52% on On2 Technologies

270% on ONT

268% on CYD

206.33% on VTSS

246% on IPIX

233% on TLTCJ

515.38% on MQJSB

225% on ETGP

302.15% on ASTM

And that's just to name a few. Had I shown you all of his winning trades just for the past 2 years, it would be five pages long.

His off-the-charts accuracy for reliably reading the markets, matched with his winner-after-winner track record, have plastered his sought-after advice on the pages of numerous publications. He's filled columns from Investor's Business Daily all the way to Forbes.

He's also frequently appeared on investment shows such as Money Matters with Barry Armstrong and On the Money with Mike Stein.

In other words, Ian is the real deal.

In the past few months, I'm willing to bet that you've gained valuable wisdom just from Ian's dead-on articles in Wealth Daily or Wealth Daily.

He's spotted scores of blockbuster buy and hold opportunities. But it's his knack for finding rapid, explosive trades - just like the one that could pay you double the gains oil makes - that brought him to the Pure Energy Trader team. After all, he's constantly...

Picking The Best Trades... Trade After Trade

Since starting our hottest trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader we've already initiated and closed 91 trades.

85% of them closed for massive gains! In fact, each trade - winners and losers - is averaging +24%.

In other words, you're more than doubling your money every four trades!

Even more amazing is that his tight-knit group of investors (of which I'll show you how to become a part of) only holds each one of these trades for about 24 days.

Sometimes it's a matter of hours.

That means, on average, you're doubling your money every four months!

I can't think of a single other investment opportunity on the planet that could deliver those gains... especially in today's unpredictable market.

And according to Ian, with energy prices about to launch sky-high, he's lining up more and more knock-em down winners that he's already set to alert you to the moment the time's right.

Now, I could go on all day detailing the fast-moving trades Ian has been making and the ones he can't wait to share with you soon. But here's what I want you to walk away with...

All of our winners have a couple of very important things in common...

They're all energy stocks with enormous potential...

And they're all companies that our team of researchers closely follows on a daily basis.

And with a track record like that, even in today's market, investors are begging for more recommendations. Problem is for some investors, these recommendations, unlike the ones in many of our other services, aren't buy and holds, which may take up to three years to reach full value.

We're after the fast money. And with Ian following and executing the trades, the fast money is turning into the easy money.

And just to be clear...

No one is complaining at all about the track record for any of our buy and hold services. Nothing will ever change the fact that investors can make good, solid returns by maintaining a portfolio filled with top stocks we like for the long term.

But... the reality is you could make a lot more.

In some cases, over 300% more!

By not having a pure trading service - where we can get in and out quickly with 25 to 50 percent profits in just a few days - we're missing out on some easy money.

Just take a look at this scenario:

How Loosely Following Ian's Trading Research Turned $5,000 Into $58,913.14... In 6 Months

This is why you also need to be trading top stocks instead of strictly investing in "buy and holds." You see, with the right trades...

You don't need to start with a lot of money to make a fortune in the market... You don't need to have all your savings tied up in multiple investments for several years, either... You don't even need to find dozens of trades every year.

In fact, all you needed to make more than 10-times your initial investment was to loosely follow seven of them.

Take the following scenario, for example:

On November 30th, 2007, Ian alerted his investors to an amazing situation in the solar market. A leading company, LDK Solar, announced the ground-breaking of their latest polysilicon plant - news of which, he knew would soon cause the share price to surge.

Because of his timely alert, his traders secured an entry price of $29.55.

And just five days later, on December 5th, he recommended they sell half of their position for a 49% gain. Two days later, the other half sold for a 41% gain - turning an initial stake of $5,000 into $7,250.

Then, just 12 days later, on December 19th, he showed them another explosive opportunity: An options call on China Sunergy, after news of an amazing deal struck with a German manufacturing company.

Much like with LDK, readers took gains of 204% on the first half of their shares within six trading days. The second half claimed 141% after six more.

Suddenly, their $7,250 compounded into $19,756. It didn't end there, either.

On February 19th, 2008, he struck gold again. He alerted readers to what Ian called a "no brainer" with U.S. Natural Gas.

Like clockwork, two weeks later, his readers were sitting on an easy 80% gain as the first half sold... 140% gains on the second half, just a week later.

Within three weeks, your $19,759 turned into $41,488.13.

And then, on April 22nd, they were alerted to one of the many tiny oil and gas companies flocking to the riches within the Bakken oil formation.

Three weeks later, on May 15th, these hit-and-run traders sold their shares for an incredible 42% gain.

Today, that initial $5,000 investment - using just those seven alerts and reinvesting profits - is now worth $58,913.14! $10,000 would be $117,826.30 - all within six months!

That's the rapid-fire power trading offers you.

And I haven't even accounted for taking gains from the multiple other trades that Ian issued to his readers during that time... gains like 33% from Hoku Scientific in five days... 119% from Cree Inc. in six days... 118% from PetroQuest in 15 days... to name a few

Just imagine how quickly you can compound your wealth with gains that large - gains that fast - again and again.

That's the sort of hit-and-run excitement you should expect by joining Pure Energy Trader. You can make a fortune from several rapid trades.

You see, when you sign onto Pure Energy Trader, you're enrolling into...

An Exclusive Trader's Club Unlike Any Other

Unfortunately, the number of investors who can sign up for our Pure Energy Trader is strictly limited.

In order to make sure every one of our subscribers has the ability to get maximum value out of each recommendation, membership will be strictly limited to 2,000 seats.

... most of which are already spoken for.

The first time we opened this window, nearly half of those seats were gobbled up by our premium, profit-hungry readers in the span of a weekend.

So it's important that you act quickly if you'd like to get in.

You see, we don't want 5,000... 10,000 people buying the same stock. If we allowed an unlimited number to join, we could easily push the stock market up several hundred percent. That would be a disaster.

But if getting rich doesn't bother you, and you're ready to follow Ian as he shows you the secrets to landing dead-on hit and run trades in this market, I urge you to join right now.

Get Ready

Another point I want to discuss is how the trades will be delivered to you. The trades will be sent via e-mail. No Faxes. That's because we want everybody to receive the trade at approximately the same time.

And just so that you don't have to recheck your email 10 times a day, we're also offering Pure Energy Trader updated VIA live RSS feeds - so you can get the alerts the split second they're available!

If you're comfortable with what I've said so far, I urge you to consider joining.

Again, I know this style of trading isn't for everybody. But by signing up for the Pure Energy Trader, you're elevating yourself into the top tier of the trading community. If you have second thoughts on the price or the frequency of recommendations, stop reading now... the service isn't for you.

If you're interested, welcome aboard. Let's get to work.

Now Listen Carefully

When you fill out the membership form (assuming there are remaining slots), you'll immediately receive a confirmation and a welcome letter, as well as a link to the Pure Energy Trader site where you'll be able to access every single one of the trades Ian issues 24 hours a day. We'll give you full instructions.

And that's not all!

You'll also learn about a secret investment that actually pays double the gains of any oil futures trader. All those details are in your free report, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make - just for trying us out.

Plus, by signing on today, I'll also rush you a free copy of my latest book, titled Profit From the Peak.

In short, Profit from the Peak is a roadmap that shows you how to profit from the rise of oil prices.

In the book, my colleague, Chris Nelder, and I go into full detail on tackling the world's energy problems... and how investors can maintain financial security in the process. I can say with confidence that Chris and I know a little more about today's energy markets than your average "oil expert."

You see, Chris is a well-regarded energy expert who has designed and built dozens of solar energy projects. This is a guy who understands the energy market inside and out... from energy's worst problems to its brightest solutions. And for the last decade, Chris and I have preached that investing is key to solving the world's energy challenges... Investments in a multitude of energy practices and technologies that will wean us away from our dependence on oil.

But we're also quick to point out that this blueprint for success also includes the economic harvesting of remaining and unconventional oil sources.

And again, in addition to full access to our web site, along with your free copy of Profit From the Peak, the moment a new trade is bought or sold you'll immediately be sent an email and, if you elect it, the RSS feed (We'll show you how to quickly and painlessly set up your RSS feed). The reason we're doing this is - we want everybody to be on equal footing. Our trades could arrive any time of the day, from 9am to 8pm.

So it's imperative you follow the instructions. This way you'll get the trade... and you'll have ample time to execute it.

By now, I'm sure you're wondering...

How Much Does Pure Energy Trader Cost?

Truth is, this level of service is highly specialized. And the countless hours it takes Ian to find, study, and recommend just one of the trades he uncovers - as you can imagine - takes a lot of time, expertise, and resources.

He doesn't draw hot stocks from a hat. He's not paid by other companies to recommend one over the other. His secret is that he's an insomniac, sleeping just three hours a night.

The rest of the time, when other traders and researchers rest, spend time with their family, and take vacations, he's intently focusing on the latest news, studying the markets, and developing high-ranking contacts.

That is, however, precisely what it takes in order to hold a track record as clean as Ian's... a portfolio that scores investors like you the greatest energy trades the market has to offer.

Now, I've seen other "experts" billing themselves out for several thousand dollars a day - and their trading advice can't tread water next to the winners Ian shows you on a weekly basis.

That being said, I wouldn't feel the least big guilty for charging as high as $5,000 a year for a membership to his advisory.

But I'm not going to go anywhere near that.

In fact, the normal membership price is $1,500 a year.

Pure Energy Trader's Bottleneck Bull-Market Special Pricing

If you sign on to the Pure Energy Trader today, you can save a full 33%, and join for just $999 this year.

I know for many of you $999 is a big lump of money to take down, even considering that many of you have made hundreds of thousands of dollars following our advice.

So here's the deal. We're also offering a quarterly bill program. If you choose that method, you'll be charged $275 every three months.

It's as easy as we can make it to get you on board.

Please keep in mind - we're capping Pure Energy Trader at 2,000 investors.

In addition, we want to make sure you're 100% satisfied. So, if for any reason you're unhappy with Pure Energy Trader, you can get a full refund at any time before the end of the first month of your membership.

After that, the refund is prorated.

But you have to act now. We fully expect every last seat to be taken in the next few days!

So if you're committed to capturing the rebounding energy sector's biggest profits, please do so quickly.

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